This is What You Need to Know about Free Bets

Whether you are playing at an online casino or an online sports betting site, you will be given a wide variety of promotions in order to try and entice you to stick around. On such a promotion that you will come across regularly is a free bet. Below we are going to explain what a free bet is before we go ahead and take a look at the different types of free bets that you might come across.

What Exactly is a Free Bet?


As you have already probably guessed, a free bet is one that the bookmaker pays for. They are used as a tactic to attract new players as well as to keep hold of their existing ones. The gambling industry is super competitive, so bookmakers are well aware that they need to treat all of the customers extremely well or they will just take their money elsewhere - it is not like there is a shortage of bookies out there.

Free bets are extremely popular as they give sports betting fans the chance to place a wager without having to risk any of their own hard-earned cash. If your free bet is successful, then you will receive the winnings, but without the free stake that the bookie gave you. Let's say that you had a free 500 Naira bet and you won 2000 Naira, you will receive 1,500 Naira in your account. If you get a free bet, then we recommend that you place a risky bet as you truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Different Free Bets That You Will Encounter

There are a variety of free bets out there, so we will now take a couple of minutes to have a look at some of them.

Welcome Free Bet

Every so often you will stumble across a bookie that will provide a free bet to customers as soon as they open an account. This is quite rare though. More often than not, you will be given a standard Welcome Bonus of a certain amount of cash.

Promotional Free Bet

Bookmakers obviously need their players to deposit money, so it is not rare to see a promotion where you will be told that if you deposit a certain amount of money during a specific time, you will be treated to a free bet. This will usually be a particular percentage of the money that you just deposited.


No Deposit Free Bet

These are extremely popular as they will be given to you without you even needing to deposit any of your own money. This type of free bet gives you the chance to test out the bookmaker before you fully commit. If you do not like what you see, then you can simply leave without having to withdraw your initial deposit.

Risk Free Bet

You will be instructed to place a wager up to a certain monetary value and if your prediction is wrong, then the bookie will give you back your original wager. If your prediction is right, then it will be the same process.