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PEER 1 Hosting launches powerful, on-demand HPC Cloud

New cloud computing service provides on-demand access and pay-as-you go pricing.


Date: 14 Jun 2012

PEER 1 Hosting has announced the launch of HPC Self Serve Cloud, powered by the company’s Zunicore public cloud platform.

PEER 1 Hosting’s HPC Self Serve Cloud delivers a flexible and cost-effective high performance computing environment by fusing virtual and physical servers with a private net. The result is a seamless, self-serve solution that is fast, secure and available on-demand.

“In today’s competitive market, businesses with intense graphic processing requirements simply can’t wait months or years for improvements to their in-house IT infrastructure,” said Greg Rusu, General Manager of Zunicore, a division of PEER 1 Hosting. “With PEER 1 Hosting’s new HPC Self Serve Cloud, businesses will benefit from maximum performance on-demand – whenever they need it – while managing ever-tightening constraints on business resources and budgets.”

Customers of the new HPC Self Serve Cloud can enjoy maximum performance of up to 665 teraflops deployed in as little as fifteen minutes. The service is available on a pay-by-the-hour or monthly basis, without signing a long term contract.

“This is the cloud solution we have been waiting for,” said Dean Lester, CEO, Vizua. “The ability to access additional amounts of real-time, high performance computing on-demand is critical to delivering our service during peak traffic times. For our business, PEER 1 Hosting’s new HPC Self Serve Cloud is a game changer.”

Key features:
· · Ready to use in fifteen minutes
· · Hourly Billing
· · nVidia GPUs at full speed
· · Physical Servers
o o Dual Xeon CPUs
o o 32GB RAM min
o o 400GB local storage
o o 1Gb Public and Private network
o o Easy 10Gb+ interconnect
· · Fully-secured network
· · Seamless Hybrid: VMs + Physical Servers
· · Up to 50 servers
· · Over 665 T-Flops




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