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Multi-tenant Cloud Service offers telcos ‘easy’ entry to the Mobile Security Market

McAfee and 2e2 have announced a partnership to globally deliver McAfee® Enterprise Mobility Manager (McAfee EMM™) software to service providers and large enterprises as a cloud-based managed service. Partnering with 2e2, McAfee will be delivering cloud-based access to highly-scalable, customisable mobile device management and security solutions to large and small commercial customers through Telcos and Service Providers.


Date: 14 Jun 2012

“Threats to smartphones are becoming more common and the need to secure mobile devices has never been more important,” said Chris Kenworthy, senior vice president at McAfee. “IT security operations want to adopt new technologies and support new mobile platforms, operating systems and architectures, while maintaining corporate security and compliance. We now have a comprehensive cloud-based managed service offering for Service Providers and corporate customers who can’t or don’t want to build out their own mobile management and security infrastructure.”

McAfee EMM software combines secure mobile application management, anti-malware, strong authentication, high-availability, a scalable architecture and compliance reporting in a seamless system. It enables companies to leverage the value of mobile, by implementing extended endpoint policies and compliance management, while protecting the corporate network from growing threats from personal mobile devices. With the 2e2 partnership, McAfee can now offer its McAfee EMM software solution via a cloud-based solution so end-user customers can be up and running quickly with a minimum of up-front architectural work and cost.

“There has been explosive growth in mobile devices across the enterprise over the last few years. This has resulted in an ever increasing need to secure a wide range of mobile devices including iPhones, tablets, Android and Windows devices,” commented Nathan Marke, CTO at 2e2. “Concerns around cyber-security continue to rise, and, for many organisations, finding the time and budget to deploy an on-premise solution has been difficult. By taking McAfee’s solution and transforming it into a managed cloud-based service we can now quickly and cost-effectively provision and secure mobile devices with no disruption to an organisation’s existing IT infrastructure.”


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