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The 5 Best Benefits of Cloud Anti-Spam

This article was provided by Casper Manes on behalf of GFI Software Ltd. GFI is a leading software developer that provides a single source for network administrators to address their network security, content security and messaging needs.


Date: 4 Jun 2012

Email hygiene solutions are a vital part of a messaging infrastructure and provide critical protections to your systems and users. Some admins favor installing these systems on site to maintain full control, while others favour the ease of deployment of a cloud anti-spam solution. In this post I shall outline the five top benefits cloud anti-spam solution.

1. No up-front costs
With cloud anti-spam services, you sign up for the service and start using it. There are no hardware, software, or licensing costs to factor in, and usually no minimum purchase requirements. Most cloud anti-spam services operate on a per user/per month subscription model, keeping your costs low, and predictable.

2. Bandwidth savings
Even the most conservative estimates show spam as accounting for up to half of all email volume, and when you look at how much bandwidth you consume moving messages that are junk, you can see how much you can save by filtering out spam, malware, and phishing messages with a cloud anti-spam solution before they get to your border. All that will now be available for your critical web-based applications, and may save you from having to upgrade to a larger connection.

3. Fault-tolerant solutions
Cloud anti-spam services have the bandwidth, servers, and redundant connections to weather any storm and maintain availability, but the best extend that to you. Look for the services that will not only queue your mail if you have an outage, but that offer your users a web portal where they can send and receive email even if your network or server is down.

4. User self service
Blocked messages can cause problems for the entire business, and you have more than enough to do already without having to look for a missing email. Cloud anti-spam solutions offer individual quarantine reports and user self-service portals so users can check for, and release their own messages when the occasional false-positive occurs.

5. Archiving
The trend seems clear; you are going to have to implement an email archiving solution sooner or later. Whether it is for compliance, legal requirements, or just to maintain critical business data, archiving is something every business is going to have to consider, and cloud anti-spam solutions often have an optional archiving component that can provide you this vital service with the tick of a checkbox.
If you are considering cloud anti-spam solutions, these five benefits are just some of the ways clout anti-spam can help you provide better services to your users, protect your systems, and save you money.



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