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PMB Holdings promises to deliver customer flexibility with MK DataVault

PMB Holdings, the commercial real estate and leisure investment group, led by CEO property developer Ed Jones, are announcing their innovative and flexible vision for MK DataVault to their customers. PMB Holdings, with their expertise lying in property development, will bring a novel approach to the data centre market, where their customers can personalise and modify their site to best serve their needs with a flexible financial offering.


Date: 16 May 2012

When gaining planning permission, PMB Holdings had the foresight to secure flexible planning permission which would allow them to construct single or multiple structures as well as have building configurations and layouts designed with the input of their customers.

It is this level of flexibility that is PMB Holdings USP. By offering customers this personalised service, a working space at MK DataVault will allow users to have a tailored data centre solution that will grow with their business needs. A space at MK DataVault will also offer its customers a unique scalable financial package that will see their first year at the site be rent free. All customers will also have access to the 29MVA fully energized 2N power supply as well as multiple diverse fibre routes from carries.

Ed Jones, CEO of PMB Holdings, said: “With the data centre market constantly introducing new ways in which to maximize client satisfaction, we at PMB Holdings want make sure that we are at the forefront of innovation when it comes to our customer service. By offering our users such a unique and individual service, we hope to facilitate their business needs and make our mark in the data centre industry with our distinctive approach. We have a seasoned understanding of the property sector, which relies heavily on customer satisfaction, and it is this that we hope to bring in abundance to our venture into the data centre market.” The MK DataVault site covers a total of 2.75 hectares, offering customers a total of 250,000 square feet for a self-contained, powered shell and a minimum of 25,000 square feet to be occupied by 2013.


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